Four Castles

by Barlow

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recorded on four track and dubbed on cakewalk
spring 2011 - summer 2014


released 27 July 2014



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Track Name: Missionary
you taught me how to be sensitive
and right every time
and we dont care that thats how it is
we dont talk about it now
do you know what happened?

change for everyone you choose
what is there to lose
Track Name: Pink Room
when the union came to falling apart
we stood aside to watch it start
we talked about it then we went home again
but we fell out and settled to pretend

later on we spent the night in the pink room
she said i see myself in you and everything you do
but theres nothing inside me to be moved

today there was nothing to say
we grew on
maybe in time well know where we are to go

late reaction starts to cling but the feelings dont mean anything
Track Name: Georgia
i know youll know someone to keep around
all memories fade for peace you finally found
youll stay there then, see you again
someday somehow
Track Name: Visor
coming to grips with something you said
i wont turn around, it happened again
i served a purpose ill try to believe
but i cant stand to see you and you cant look at me

red on tile, it goes for miles
it goes far too long
live in shit, you live like this
its so, so wrong
Track Name: Castles
feelings undefined
fix your state of mind
ive nothing im to say
its always been this way
thought youd show for sure
not coming any more
youve yet to break that wall
to change yourself at all

long to rest my head
where you rest your head
i say what i dont mean
its only a routine
half ass golden boy
im gonna be his toy
and ill be put around
and stay there til im found

remind myself im trying to be bitter
pushing you day after day
i dont want to know how you feel
all that matters is my say
i accept i lost you and fall asleep
it takes me back to our little castle
with nothing at all to show or tell
stupid things on which i dwell
Track Name: What We Did
every time was getting better
you left something at my door
and I read it like a letter
and you knew that from before
once more you know I want you to stay
theres nothing to do here now
and someones coming back and telling you
that nothing could change if you stay

come back inside my shadow
subject to my dumb mistakes
go a week without the letting
go a week and then you break
and youre reminded nothing can change
and soon youll be leaving
and ill keep believing ill come back and go the
way that I came, its empty anyway

im watching you change
theres nothing to do here now
and someones coming back and telling you
that nothing could change if you stay

marble scars aligning your thigh
ribbon fades from where you hid
now we set in stone the memory
to forever keep in mind what we said and
what we did
Track Name: Lower My Gaze
summer waits for nothing anymore
I never see you coming back
I want to tell you what you haven't heard
I want to feel you coming back

wont you touch me like you did before
could you hold it to the light
the days I laid upon your soft bare skin
the days that we were burning bright